Laura Marling – The Sage – 5/3/2012

Posted on May 13, 2012


Ahh, The Sage. Being equal parts concert venue and school assembly hall it really does offer an altogether more cultured gig going experience than your sweaty academy or uni could ever hope to, and as a venue The Sage was built for nights like this,

Starting the proceedings (and later providing keys for Miss Marling), Pete Roe gives an impressive display of finger-picking good (sorry) guitar work but a week lyric lets him down. Timber Timbre is a different beast entirely, with an unhinged edge offsetting a more classical touch and rich vocal (sample lyric; “I’m coming to Paris to kill you”).

When Laura Marling emerges onto the stage it’s to a much more crowded hall than her supports played to, and within a few moments it’s clear to all why, with her latest songs shining in the bigger venue whilst those from I Speak Because I Can sound more furious than ever.

To be fair there’s not much to say about Laura Marling that hasn’t already been said; Introverted yet charming on stage? Versatile, soaring and piercing vocals? Utterly beguiling and mature beyond her years? All of these points are as true now as they ever were but, are no less impressive for it.


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