Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard – Sports and TV Psychic.

Posted on October 12, 2010


Dean Midas Maynard’s website describes him as “one of the country’s top Celebrity & Sports Prediction Experts, who uses his psychic ability to forecast and support a range of participants in celebrity and sporting careers”. Scheduling an interview time to sit down opposite Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard you could be forgiven for expecting a bleached, preened, stable-as-a-bike-with-a-broken-wheel, Derek Acorah type. Thankfully the tipster with the golden touch is nothing of the sort, and sitting in a very un-mystical office in Newcastle, it’s easy to take be taken aback by the contrast between the rather modest man and the Pr surrounding his work.
A man with his fingers in many a paranormal pie, including the usual suspects like ghost and monster hunting (indeed a recent investigation into a Loch Ness style monster living in the Lake District was heavily covered by Sky News), Dean’s unique stock in trade is mainly focused around picking the winners of reality shows in the earliest stages and acting as a talisman to various sporting clubs, something which began five years ago when a group of Sunderland AFC fans contacted him about helping them beat a run of bad luck. “Before they contacted me I wasn’t known for being lucky,” confesses Dean, “the whole thing got a lot of attention though and radio Newcastle rang me on the morning of the next game and put me on the spot, asking if Sunderland would win. I said ‘yes, 2-1’, put the phone down and thought ‘my god what have I done?’ So I went to game, hated every minute of it and thought ‘I’m never doing this ever again’ because it was just too much pressure.” Happily for Dean and his newly burgeoning reputation, Newcastle’s great rivals did win by two goals to one (something Dean describes to me as ‘quite good’). “Midas would have been finished there and then if I’d been wrong so as much as I hate to say it I’ve got Sunderland to thank. My Geordie wife is going to hate me for saying that though.”
Footballing rivalries aside, that first prediction was to be the start of Dean’s own run of good luck as a he was contacted soon after by fans of the Chicago White Sox baseball team, finding out several months later that they had won their first World Series Championship in eighty eight years. Of course there were many other factors in the White Sox’s miraculous turn-around of fortunes but the backing of the now ‘Midas’ Maynard was always unquestionably one of them amongst the grateful fans. 
Although beginning his media career as a sports psychic, Dean is perhaps best known these days for his work on reality shows, covering as he does all of the year’s bigger shows from I’m a celebrity to, er, Dancing On Ice, but his method’s for picking potential winners remain the same: “ It sounds weird but I have to feel drawn to them. I get so many emails a day from top teams to non-league teams but I only pick the ones that I feel I can help based on my gut feeling, especially when it comes to reality shows where I try and pick early.” Midas certainly chooses his winners earlier than most, often making his predictions based on opening nights or first auditions. “As far as non-celebrity talent shows go, if I see an act that I’m drawn too then that’s it, don’t need to watch any more auditions. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best singer or dancer or whatever, they’re just the person I believe can do well.” 
Of course there is one show which dominates the television calendar, Simon Cowell’s personal bank balance booster, the X-Factor. Maynard’s involvement with the X-Factor in his Midas’ capacity  Started in 2006 with Leona Lewis, picking her as the winner based on her first audition. More prominence came with Niki Evans, the first “Midas Act” to really embrace Dean’s endorsement and keep him in her camp. Despite coming in at fourth place of the competition (strangely far behind eventual winner Leon Jackson, who seems to have done a bit of a Shergar since his ‘triumph’) has forged a successful career in the West End. “To be honest I was a bit pissed off because Niki not winning was the first time something had really went wrong, it was seen as a chink in the armour.” Over the years though Evans gone on to do three stints in Blood Brothers in the West End and is now taking the show on tour around the U.K, something which Dean is keen to point out demonstrates that even the acts which don’t necessarily win go on to have successful careers, something that the Midas camp will be hoping that this year’s acts, One Direction and ‘wildcard’ Paije Richardson can also achieve after the show’s circus leaves town for another year. “After the X-Factor is over in particular I try and promote the acts through various media outlets, radio, magazines and T.V, the usual places. I’m lucky that I’m friends with almost all of them and that’s down to Niki letting me go on that journey with her. Hopefully now contestants will look at my website and see the people I’ve worked with, and think ‘he looks genuine, if chose us as his winner we’ll keep him in the camp and he might bring us some luck.’” 
Its a role that Dean would ideally like to expand upon, and indeed he already has regular space in the official X-Factor magazine, but he has his sights set slightly higher: “It sounds corny but I would love to be part of these shows, especially spin off shows like The X-tra Factor. I want to be the person they get on to discuss the acts and their chances. That’s where I want to be really, to have a proper connection and be officially part of it all.” 
Whether you believe that Dean’s success really is down to psychic ability as he claims or whether it is simply a knack for spotting talent will of course depend on your inclination toward the paranormal and it’s many facets. Whatever your views he does have an impressive record, and is certainly far more scrupulous than many others with their gifts for sale. If Midas’ run of luck continues then we are sure to be hearing a lot more from him, and he believes in himself as strongly as he has in his many acts, then who knows where golden touch could take him.
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