Allo Darlin’

Posted on June 5, 2010


They say too that less is more, and similarly too much of a good thing is inevitably a bad thing. Sometimes this is clearly bollocks, like with money for example. Or muffins. Sadly though after a few Tracks of Allo Darlin’s debut effort such hoary old clichés start to ring true. It all starts strongly enough with Dreaming, Silver Dollars and especially Polaroid Song providing the jangly sort of pop that stays just on the right side of twee, providing the potential soundtracks to late summer days lying in the park. Halfway through though, the quality noticeably dips. Its not in the melodies or the pleasingly breathy vocals but in the lyrical structure; there’s simply too much exposition. It’s like when you ask someone how they are and they bang on for half an hour about their average week to the point where the words become noise and saying “uh-huh” and “oh?” become easier than breathing . Heartbeat Chilli and Woody Allen are especially guilty of this as each are more akin to a wearying monologue.

Still, there are plenty of moments to treasure in Allo Darlin’, especially homages to Weezer and Johnny Cash, they just need to be careful to keep their over dependence on descriptors in check in the future to make sure the whole experience is as enjoyable.

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