Noisia – Machine Gun

Posted on February 18, 2010


Starting out as a serviceable, albeit rather generic, dance tune from Dutch drum and Bass merchants Noisia, Machine Gun initially throws up a dance floor’s worth of techno clichés. There’s the sporadic intro, the rising background din and the standalone piece of melody presumably designed for nightclub DJ’s to shout over the top of. So far, so Friday night.

What sets Machine Gun apart though is a throbbing and sinister breakdown which serves to segue the track into the type of rock tinged dance that have made Pendulum such a hit over the last few years. The second half of the song is positively apocalyptic, a kind of cyber-dystopian sound-scape that conjures up images of the terminator.
Despite all that however, Machine Gun doesn’t do anything new or revolutionary and in the world dance music that may well stop it being noticed. It’s also not exactly the type of song that can be appreciated quite as much in the piercing glare of sobriety. On the dance floor however it could be a totally different beast


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