Peaches – Talk To Me

Posted on April 16, 2009


Things never bode well for a track when you’re struggling to resist the urge to look at your watch after only thirty seconds of a three minute track. The problem lies within the songs basic nature, as the chorus “Why don’t you talk to me” is repeated no less than twenty times.

As this is a dance track at heart Peaches could be forgiven for using the chorus so many times. However the back beat is incredibly bland, with the most basic of synthesized drum-beats playing relentlessly throughout the track. The only interesting aspect on the music side is a nicely clunking bass guitar. Talk To Me is a track in desperate need of a remix. Sped up a bit and with a more complex beat, Talk To Me could become a guaranteed floor-filler at any club night. As it is, the whole track sounds a bit like an electro version of the Ting Tings, as if the originals weren’t bad enough.

The song’s potential lies chiefly within an assured vocal performance from Peaches, who manages some impressive sonic acrobatics throughout. Whilst Talk To Me is likely to get many people dancing at their favourite night-club it’s shortcomings are glaringly obvious, and eventually become tedious to the point of distraction. If you aren’t singing a better song in your head by the time Talk To Me finishes then you are a better man than I.

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