Prego – The Longest Calm

Posted on April 5, 2009


When Prego’s The Longest Calm started up, it gave a very distinct reminder of two very different bands. The shambling vocal’s ‘barely functioning’ charm, whilst sounding like a man holding an almost empty bottle of whiskey in the middle of a deserted street singing at the spiteful streetlights, is highly reminiscent of Scottish miserablist-indie stars Frightened Rabbit, but without some of the raw emotion.

The music on the other hand, invokes strong memories of America’s emo godfathers Jimmy Eat World, with a gently picked guitar line giving way to a chorus that sounds frankly epic. The drums crash, the vocals gain new layers and the guitar wails in the background for too short a time before dropping back into the understated verse.
The only place the song falls down is in the vocal production. Several listens through and I can’t make out the majority of the chorus because it’s simply too low, and if Prego have lyrics as good as their music I’d like to be able to hear what they have to say without straining my ears until they threaten to fall off of my face.

As it is, The Longest Calm delivers a solid 3 minutes of understatedly epic, folk-tinged rock. It’s an intriguing song that should serve to get a lot of people interested in Prego.

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