Noah and the Whale + Jay Jay Pistolet – The Sage – 10/3/09

Posted on March 12, 2009


In the free programme that accompanies tonight’s show, Noah and the Whale’s Club Silencio tour is described as “two hours of sights and sounds…coordinated as one piece…moving image and music merged.”

What transpires is moving image and music clashing to create a needlessly frustrating experience. As it transpires, the tour has been financed in association with Future Shorts films, who are making a documentary about NATW. As such the moving image aspect of the night seems like NATW are promoting the film company as payment for their services. Two incredibly pretentious films are shown before any bands, taking up half an hour of the night and leaving only twenty minutes for the superb support artist, Jay Jay Pistolet, whose sweetly yearning songs will have won him many new fans. However, a twenty minute set is just not enough time to truly appreciate his talent, especially after two films which add nothing to the proceedings. Hopefully he’ll come back soon for a longer set. five-song set simply isn’t long enough to appreciate his talents.

Tonight’s curators, Noah and the Whale, perform remarkably well and all the debut album’s best tracks receive an airing and are given a harder edge, including Give A Little Love and Rocks And Daggers, whilst a euphoric 5 Years time serve to get the crowd smiling. They also preview several new songs which sound oddly lacklustre and a radical departure from what made their first album so deceptively deep.

In the end, NATW have enough energy and charm to make the night enjoyable, but they should really stick to playing it straight and uncomplicated in the future if they don’t want to alienate a chunk of their fans.

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