Dylan Moran – Newcastle City Hall – 22/10/ 08

Posted on October 23, 2008


After two years and several high profile film appearances, Dylan Moran returned to the North East with his new stand-up show, “What it is”.

Moran is something of a cult hero thanks to his Channel 4 sit-com, Black Books, and as such receives a rapturous applause before he’s even opened his mouth. With only a glasses of rose wine and water by the side of the stage, Moran doesn’t appear as drunkenly shambolic as on some of his earlier tours (although whether that was all part of the act in the first place is questionable) but his acerbic wit and angrily confused charm are still present and in full force.

Throughout the course of the show, Moran veers effortlessly between subjects ranging from local and national stereotypes (If you want to make a Spaniard look attractive, stick him between two Greeks), pleasure and the ravenous beast within us all, work place cannibalism and flaws within the theory of evolution.

Some of these subjects are well established points of humour, others are just bizarre when trying to explain them to others, but all are delivered with a breathless, bitter intensity. Such is Moran’s considerable skill live that he never once gives the impression that any of his material is planned, instead it all feels incredibly natural and sporadic and really serves to prove once and for all that Moran is one of Britain’s most intelligent and observant comedians.

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