Young Knives – Dyed in the Wool

Posted on August 26, 2008


Well what do you know, the forth single from moon-face and co. at the Young Knives sees them returning to the horrible double-stroke guitars meets convoluted rhyming lyrical style that we know all too well.

At this stage it’s tempting to just come up with a string of personal insults aimed at the Knives, but to be honest that would only serve make me feel better. The reason the song scores so low is that it sounds just like every other turgid track they released prior to May’s “Turn Tail”’. They seem to have shunned any of the ideas that showed any hint of promise from that track in favour of trying to fuse themselves with the vocal delivery of the Futureheads.

Big mistake. The Futureheads at least have some colloquial charm, and the songs have a discernible direction, Dyed in the Wool is just another YK song which could be used as sample from the Oxford rhyming dictionary. For example:
“I had to hold you/had to hold you in a headlock/had to force you into wedlock/ that’s how I am”

Yawn. I’ve heard it all before, and I’m sick of hearing it from the same band. In fact I’m so sick of hearing it I made my own song in the same style (“Your lyrics are so bad/ They really do make me sad/ If you were to quit music/I really would be glad” maybe they’ll use it someday.)

The song is only three minutes long but it’s two dimensional, it doesn’t change at all and it ends up leaving you bored and longing for something with charisma. Bit like the band themselves then.

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