Dirty Pretty Things – Tired of England

Posted on July 24, 2008


So here we are then, the moment when one time “saviour of British rock music” Carl Barat really needs to prove that his Dirty Pretty Things are capable of finally filling the void left behind by The Libertines with new single, Tired of England.

Odd then, that instead they’ve decided to try and impersonate The Smiths. Badly. Which is actually quite ironic, considering that Morrissey clearly has tired of England.

The whole thing just feels limp; a string of generic, stereotypically English imagery (including the weather, grey cities et al.) strung together with an uninspired jangly riff thrown in behind it.

The track on a whole is far too kitsch and tries too hard to be quintessentially English which together starts to grate very quickly. DPT are much better when theyr e pissing blood (see “Gin and Milk”), and if they continue down this road for too much longer then they’ll have a job saving themselves never mind British rock music.


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